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Patriotic to Country

“America is in a broken place in her history and it is ok. America will find a way to fix herself. That is what Americans do. They have done it since 1776.”

Our Country has been sold out and destroyed from within, by the 'elite' class in Washington, DC. They see themselves as “American Royalty"...and they conspire against the American people to establish rules of power for their own personal benefit.    


I have been involved in politics my entire life. Mainly watching from a distance far from DC. My only recourse for political change has only been my right to vote. I have exercised that right consistently my entire adult life.


The first election that I was a part of was in 1980. I voted for Ronald Reagan. In my younger days, I believed that both political parties supported the American way of life. The only difference between the two was their perspective of government.

I remember a day when political parties came together and achieved good things for the Country. Political giants like Tip O’Neal and Ronald Reagan. Both were strong in their political opinions but always found common ground and solutions to the problems facing the Nation.


As a Nation, we were respected within the World. Unfortunately, those days are gone. The leaders of today, have led this Country astray. Not all, but many have sold out to the Left. A political force determined to destroy the foundation of the United States.


Our Country is often referred to as a Democracy in Washington, DC even though the word is never mentioned within the Constitution of the United States. The truth is, that we are a Constitutional Republic. A representative government that receives its sole powers from the Constitution. America since its founding has always been, and will always be a Constitutional Republic.


Ronald Reagan once said,” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Since January 20, 2021, these words have proven to be prophetic!


The fear of most is that we are losing our Country. The fear is real! For the first time in my life, I fear the direction of the United States government!


Many of the problems that we face as a Nation have been self-inflicted by our own government, only for our government to provide legislative solutions engineered to further restrict our personal freedoms and safety.

If elected to Congress, I will represent the forgotten men and women in the United States. We have been pushed aside for too long, and to be honest! We have been forgotten and looked upon as weak peasants!


If elected to Congress? My daily focus will be to fight for the American people and the American Way of Life.

— Christian Reagan

Republican Congressional Candidate NC  |  District 11

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