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Christian Reagan

In the El Paso summer heat of 1962, I was born a cripple. I had what they call praying feet. My ankles were broken and my feet were placed in braces. I wore a cast from my ankles all the way to my thighs until I was two years old. My parents told me that, during my childhood, it was very difficult for me to learn how to walk, but I eventually overcame the disability.


My family was very poor. Today, discrimination seems to always refer to race. But discrimination against the poor is difficult regardless of race - especially if you are a child and have no choice in the matter. I had to learn the value of hard work and self-reliance. I worked myself through college as a derrick hand, 75 feet up in the air, in the oil fields of East Texas. I did this every summer and winter for six years. 


In 1984, I graduated from Henderson County Junior College with an Associate in Science degree. By 1987 I’d received a Bachelor of General Studies degree from Southwest University in Missouri. A year later in 1988, I received a Graduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. My first job out of college was working for a presidential campaign as a paid staff member in the state of Missouri and went on to run for the state legislature and 1990 lost. In 1999 I ran for the city council within my hometown and won that race. I subsequently ran for Mayor and lost the race in 2000 - that was the last time that I ran for public office. Since then, I have remained politically active within the GOP. 


In 1990, with my own hands, I built and operated a commercial rental property management company called “Reagan Management Company". It was a commercial rental property business specializing in office space and residential apartments. I ran that company for 31 years. During that time, I opened another company called “Capital Mortgage”. Originating home loans that were sold within the secondary market. Eventually, I worked for a bank as a Vice President over the Secondary Market of the bank.


I married my wife, Hope, in 1993. We have been happily married for 30 years. We have two children, Luke and Grace. Both of them have graduated from college. Luke, a historian, is married to our daughter-in-law, Lauryn (who is attending dental school in San Antonio, Tx). They plan to move to Western North Carolina within the next year. Grace is now attending CLI Conservatory in Massachusetts and has plans of developing her career in dance. 


We have been vacationing in western North Carolina since 2008. We fell in love with the area and wanted to move here in 2009, but because of a failed economy, it was just impossible to liquidate our business interests in East Texas. In 2016, we purchased land here, and our cabin was constructed in 2019. By 2020, we’d finally made the move to Western North Carolina. Currently, I have a company called Smoky Mountain Mortgage, LLC., Hope is a Graphic designer and specializes in corporate advertising.

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