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Conservative Values

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness. Ephesians 6:13-14


I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and will oppose any effort to infringe upon the individual constitutional right to bear arms. The Constitution is clear that no government, nor any government agency has the authority to pass laws that infringe upon a law-abiding citizen’s natural right to keep and bear arms.


Securing and maintaining the border is absolutely imperative in preserving the sovereignty of our Country.

The cost of illegal immigration is enormous.

Since President Biden has taken office, nearly 10 million illegal aliens have crossed our borders from 117 Countries. 


The invasion of our Country has to stop! Congress needs to establish a zero-tolerance rule for these illegal actions and provide the necessary financial sources to secure the border. Those that are here illegally need to be removed immediately and returned to their own Country.


According to a recent report from CNN dated February 14, 2023, The Treasury Department paid a record $213 billion in interest payments on the national debt in the last quarter of 2022.


Currently, the nation's debt is 32 trillion dollars. The Fed has increased rates multiple times in 2023. As a result, the projected interest payments by the Treasury Department will soon reach 1 trillion dollars annually.


In 2022 the federal government collected $4.9 trillion. The primary source of revenue for the U.S. government in 2022 was from individual income taxes. 


The percentage paid for interest on the debt has been insignificant in recent years due to low-interest rates. With higher interest rates, the burden of interest payments will now become a burden.


Until recently, it has cost the federal government very little to issue debt to finance its operations. Now, the burden will soon reach 1 trillion dollars per year which will represent 21% of annual revenue received by the federal government. As the debt increases, the cost to service that debt in interest payments will increase as well.


By 2032, it is estimated that the interest costs will triple to more than $3 billion per day. The interest payment on debt is now on track to become the largest federal budget item, surpassing Social Security and Medicare by the middle of the Century.


The time has come to finally resolve the debt problem. We can no longer rely upon deficit spending in order to meet the financial obligations set by the careless leaders in DC.


We must eliminate the need for deficit spending and focus on the major issue of the national debt. Not only will these actions be beneficial to the American people, but it is absolutely imperative that we reestablish the strength of the US Dollar.


Going forward, the United States fiscal policy must be financially sound and strong! An economic policy that sends the message to the World, that the Dollar is the safest investment on Earth.



While the Federal Reserve has made no final decisions on whether to pursue or implement a central bank digital currency. Plans are in place for such a system, and many believe that it will become a reality in the near future.


The concern with this type of currency is that there is no limitation as to the level of control that the government could, and would exercise. Financial transactions will be purely electronic and provided directly through the government.


A Central Bank Digital Currency would give federal bureaucrats full control over the individual financial transactions of every American within the Country.


It is my opinion, that this level of government control is not compatible with the economic or political freedoms given to every American according to the Constitution of the United States.


There is no doubt that a transition to such a system will eventually lead to a social credit system designed to infringe upon the personal freedoms of all Americans. It will most certainly provide the Government the means of surveillance over the personal choices of every American in their everyday purchases.



Gender transition is becoming a serious problem in the United States. I personally noticed the growing trend in 2012 during the Obama Administration.


However, recently, the trend has escalated during the Biden Administration and it is being celebrated and encouraged by both those in Hollywood and within Corporate America.


Until recently, these choices by transgenders have not been too invasive. But now, the transformation of the movement has found itself within both the private and public schools in America.


It is difficult for Americans to take the middle road on this issue. I do not see the possibility of any compromise related to the matter.


Transgenders competing in school sports is wrong and unfair to all young women wanting to compete in such events. The advantages of males wanting to compete in female school sports have to be glaring to all.


The most difficult stories we see in schools across the nation are that of drag queen events being displayed in front of children. Today, children of all races are being exposed to the issue of sexual identity and the possibility of gender transitioning.  Even some medical professionals are promoting the transitioning trend, and offering services of medical procedures and drugs for the transitioning of minors.


I do not believe that sex education should be a part of any public or private school curriculum, especially in the area of encouraging the consideration of gender transitioning.

Children of today, as with the past generations have always had the difficult task of just growing up, and understanding the World as it is. It is a challenging undertaking! The issues of sexuality and transitioning should not be taught in any school in America.

In America, we do not allow children to vote, purchase a gun, or buy alcohol. Yet, some within this Country want to encourage an impressionable child to make the irreversible decision as to the changing of their God-given gender. It is absolutely insane and should be forbidden by every school district within the Country.


Many in Washington now view China as a growing economic and military threat to the United States.


The US trade deficit with China is approximately 376 billion. The trade deficit exists because US exports to China average about 130 billion while imports from China were approximately 506 billion. The China trade policies have resulted in the loss of 3.7 million jobs in the US.


Industries lost to China are steel, cotton, tobacco, automobiles, beer production, aerospace, computers, pharmaceuticals, coal production, and even in the world of finance. The US is losing its dominance to China.


Today, the economy of the United States is the largest in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of 23 trillion, and a GDP growth rate of 1.1% in the first quarter of 2023.


The economy of China is the second largest in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of $18 trillion, and a GDP growth rate of 4.0%.


There should be no doubt that China’s ambition is to not only become an Economic World Power but to replace the United States as the sole Global Superpower of the World.


Our leaders in Washington, DC for decades have failed our Nation in this regard. Many are compromised and powerless to stand against the Chinese Communist Party and history will not be kind to such people.


I do not want to see China as a World Superpower or lead an effort for a New World Order. The CCP historically has proven to be murderers, liars, and running concentration camps torturing millions of its own citizens.  They engage in State-Sponsored theft and embezzlement of corporations worldwide.


The COVID epidemic was developed within their Country and released to the World causing a 17 trillion-dollar economic loss to the USA. Even today, the Chinese have increased their role in laundering money for Mexican cartels, including the distribution of fentanyl to the United States killing more than one hundred thousand of young people between the ages of 18 -45.


The time has come for the United States to stand up to China. We need to use our economic might and influence to force real change within our trade agreements. The focus needs to be on fairness, rather than free trade.  Future trade agreements with China and any other Countries need to be based upon fairness, without any regard to free trade.

With a newly elected President, a new Senate, and House of Representatives.  America can then turn back the horrific trade deals of the past and press forward to a new age of American industry, and economic opportunity for all Americans.


In 2022, the trust fund paid out approximately $1.2 trillion, averaging a monthly retirement benefit of $1,693.00. The administrative cost to operate the agency was approximately 14 billion dollars.


70 million people received benefits from the Social Security Administration including SSI. 5.4 million additional retirees were added to the system. Currently, the trust fund has reserves of approximately 2.8 trillion dollars.


In 1981, Congress approved legislation for inter-fund borrowing among the three Trust Funds (the Old-Age and Survivors Trust Fund; the Disability Trust Fund; and the Medicare Trust Fund). As a result, the federal government has borrowed $5 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund.


Solvency has become a major issue for the Social Security program. Solvency is defined, “as the ability of the trust funds at any point in time to pay the full scheduled benefits in the law on a timely basis.”


According to recent studies, if no changes are made before the fund runs out, the most likely result will be a reduction in the benefits that are paid out. If the only funds available to Social Security in 2033 are the current wage taxes being paid, the administration would still be able to pay around 75% to 80% of the promised benefits. As more retirees enter into the system those benefits will be reduced accordingly.


Solvency is the key issue and as time passes, the options will become more difficult and painful. So, the reality of a future crisis must be acknowledged with all options for a remedy to be fully evaluated. To do otherwise would be both reckless and irresponsible.


Perhaps, the solution relies upon the combination of the solutions provided by those that truly understand the problem and have provided possible solutions for solving the solvency issue in the future.


The four options that seem to be worthy of discussion is that of a minimal increase in the maximum taxable wage base currently at $160,200.00, a minimal increase in the current rate of 6.2% or raising the minimal age limit of 62 years old, and finally the prohibition of undocumented immigrants within the system.


Most experts agree that if these minor changes are enacted, it will solve the solvency issue for the next 75 years. Social Security is a sacred promise that must be upheld and protected at all cost.


I am against the funding of the war in Ukraine. It has become a slush fund for the globalists to expand the war in Europe.


I am 100% Pro-Life with the exception of the Mother’s life is threatened, rape and incest. I am against federal funding of any kind in the pursuit of promoting abortion domestically or internationally. 


I am a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. I am looking forward to helping him in Congress. 

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